I'm Javier, your Cologne-based photographer. My photographic focus is people. While I'm hesitant to label my style - some may see it as documentary, others might argue it is contemporary, whatever it is, it is personal, passionate and alive. With an emphasis on portraits and weddings, I am constantly on the search for compelling projects and collaborations. Here you will find my commercial portfolio alongside personal snaps on 35mm and daily updates on my Instagram page.

Portrait Photography

Perhaps the most personal of all photography: to strive to capture the very being of an individual in a single photograph. For me portraiture is where photography must cross the border into life. Every portrait is unique: I have been honoured to photograph some amazing people over the years, from nervous to crazy, photogenic to photo-shy, there is magic in every individual that I aim to bring to the forefront of my image of them.


Wedding Photography

When we talk about wedding photography, no couple or wedding is the same that's why I try my very best to capture the beauty of the bride, the style of the groom, the pure joy of the day. It goes without saying that wedding photography is an investment and something that you want to enjoy looking back on for years to come. I like to avoid the traditional and outdated wedding photography, therefore why my style is more fresh, natural and modern. Check out some of the lovely couples I was lucky to photograph over the wedding gallery.