Thanks for passing by, here you'll find my latest commissioned photography work. I'm also an avid fan of film and street photography, so if that's something up your alley you drop by my upcoming photo exhibition website.

First and foremost, my photographic focus is people. With an emphasis on portraits and weddings, I am constantly on the search for compelling projects and collaborations, and am hesitant to label my style - some may see it as documentary, others might argue it is contemporary, whatever it is, it is personal, passionate and alive. 

As a photographer, I pour my time, effort and experience into every project I take on, and am not satisfied until I am certain I have captured the whole scene, background and feeling of the moment through my lens. 

If it is unusual and innovative, or unique and original wedding memories you are looking for, I would love to hear from you and discuss the potential of working together to make sure the end result is something you will cherish forever.

Due to the nature of the international clients I work for, I created this website originally in English but in the near future you'll be able to enjoy this site in 2 additional languages as well (German and Spanish).